Two Italian Planes - Aeroplanes Greeting Card

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These two colorful planes were made, circa 1933, by Umberto di Lazzaro, for an Italian Aerial Lines Poster. This airline, with a rich history rooted in the early days of aviation, played a vital role in connecting various destinations across Italy. The dynamic scene of a plane taking off and another landing perfectly captures the exhilarating and fast-paced nature of aviation during that era. See this image as an art print AND on a notebook!

Umberto di Lazzaro, an Italian artist born in 1898, remains somewhat of an enigma with limited biographical available information. However, his poster art captures the spirit and excitement of the golden age of Italian aviation!

Our prints are suitable for framing or can be used as is for wall display.

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Umberto di Lazzaro

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope