Two Women Walking - Women Art Print

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These two ladies enjoy a stroll on what feels like a warm, sunny day. Henri Lebasque painted them in 1920, likely in his beloved Côte d'Azur. See our entire Francophile Collection!

Henri Lebasque (1865–1937), "the painter of joy and light," is known primarily for his portrayal of the French Riviera's landscapes. Bridging the gap between the Impressionists and Fauvism, his vibrant canvases showcase his keen observation of the nuanced interplay of natural light alongside the expressive use of bold colors and gestures. His move to Paris at 20 introduced him to several artistic luminary contemporaries. In 1903, he co-founded the Salon d’Autumne, exposing him to the Fauves' strong colors and fierce brushwork. His relocation to the French Riviera profoundly influenced his artistic evolution, infusing his works with scenes of leisure and luminosity. His oeuvre captures the essence of sunset sails, windswept bathers, and idyllic moments under palm trees, radiating the allure of summer luxury.

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Henri Lebasque