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OUTSIDE GREETING: The Sweet Bride is Married to the Beloved One


This wedding card stands out as a truly unique addition to our catalog. Crafted by artist Georgiana Harbeson, renowned for her needlework and historical research expertise, the card reflects her distinctive painterly approach to design. What adds to the charm of this piece is its replicability; the framed stitches depicting the bride and groom scene have been spotted at antique auctions, created initially as personalized wedding gifts. Presenting this card to a couple on their special day carries a sweet sentiment, knowing it's a piece with a history of heartfelt gifting. See our entire Wedding & Anniversary Collection!

Georgiana Brown Harbeson (1894-1980) revolutionized the world of needlework in the late 1920s and 1930s! She shared her innovative techniques with a broad audience through two seminal books and numerous articles. Her designs graced the covers of prestigious women's magazines like Vogue, Woman's Home Companion, and Ladies Home Journal. Her crewel and needlepoint embroidery approach involved creating watercolor sketches, which she then translated into intricate patterns applied to fabric using a rich palette of wool. Introduced to embroidery at seven by a nun in Quebec, she then studied painting in school. She combined her talents to become a sought-after artist commissioned by esteemed institutions. Her contributions to the world of needlework earned her recognition from institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Beyond her work in needlework, Harbeson also left her mark on theater and ballet, designing costumes and stage sets. Her legacy endures as she elevated stitchery to the status of fine art!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Georgiana Harbeson

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