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A beautiful dancing lady, captured mid-movement by Josef Engelhart. He was known for his meticulous attention to the fabric and texture of women's garments in his artwork. Appropriately named La Vert (The Wind), he painted this piece in 1897, and we believe it would make a stunning addition to your wall! See all our art prints that feature women!

Josef Engelhart (1864-1941) was an Austrian artist who excelled in painting, sculpture, illustration, and capturing the essence of city life in Vienna. He received formal training at the prestigious art academies of Vienna and Munich and traveled extensively across Europe and to Egypt. Notably, he was among the founding members of the Vienna Secession, which sought to challenge the traditionalism prevalent in the city's art institutions. His unwavering commitment to Secessionism led to his presidency from 1899 to 1900 and 1910 to 1911. While he occasionally dabbled in decorative patterns akin to his peer Gustav Klimt's style, Engelhart's true acclaim came from his vivid portrayals of Vienna's street life, earning him the moniker "König der Strasse" (King of the Street). His works depicted a wide array of characters from both high and low society and the political and social dynamics of the time. During World War I, he served as an official war artist for the Imperial War Press Bureau, documenting the tragic events he witnessed on the eastern and Italian fronts in meticulous detail.

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Josef Englehart