Moon Lady with Babies - Baby Greeting Card

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Welcome, welcome, baby dear,
Out of the otherwhere into here.

You've heard of the man in the moon, but have you ever seen the woman in the crescent moon? This celestial lady gently watches over a group of newborns nestled among poppies, symbols of sleep and peace. It's an enchanting illustration by Fanny Y. Cory, gracing the cover of The Designer, a women's interests and fashion magazine from January 1918. See this image as an art print!

Fanny Y. Cory (1877-1972) was a pioneering American illustrator and caricaturist who made an enduring impact on the world of visual arts. Born in Waukegan, Illinois, she exhibited an early talent for drawing and pursued her artistic passions with determination. Her career soared as she became one of the first female cartoonists in the United States, working for renowned publications like the New York World and Judge magazine. Her witty and insightful cartoons, including Sonnysayings (c. 1920–1956) and Little Miss Muffet (1935–1956), often tackled social issues of her time, showcasing a keen understanding of human nature. Cory's distinct style, characterized by expressive characters and sharp humor, made her a trailblazer in the illustration field and earned her a dedicated following. 

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Fanny Y. Cory

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